The GICTSYS is an ICT initiative started with purpose to provide ICT solutions to schools, institutions, companies and organizations within Africa.


We believe that we should always do the right thing. This includes serving our customers with honesty and transparency, settling all contracts by the book, and communicating in plain language that can be easily understood.

We value positive team players that can work together to overcome challenges and achieve common goals.

We love to work with smart and talented people who are eager to roll up their sleeves and get things done.

Customer Focus
We always put our customers first and dedicate ourselves to building products and services that give them the best education experience possible.
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Helping our customers to be more successful

When you become our client, our team becomes part of your team.

We are wherever our customers are, we invest good time in monitoring the growth of their institutions as part of our research.

We strive to understand our client business as well as our own and offer unique value propositions. To achieve this, our support team works closely with our clients to identify their needs and come up with intelligent solutions.
We ensure sustainable and continuous Development, forging ahead.

Sustainability is a crucial aspect when we design and develop the system, how we process and implement every module, has the foresight of continuous improvement of our software and services, the necessary strategies are developed and modernized.

We systematically identify opportunities and risks in our software, we combine our expertise in services sustainability, thus contributing to sustainable success of our system's usability and continuous improvement of the software.
Our Team

Our organisation is equipped with highly qualified dedicated support team in order to deliver the most competitive results and offer the best services to our clients.

We have put in place a team with diverse expertise in project management, systems development and deployment, customer service, a firm commitment to integrity and that adheres to our business standards.

We offer our team training in personal development to build on the professional and user experience of each of the members.
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Stop Waiting for The Perfect Time
Let us promote the education sector together.

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