FAQ's (How to..)!

Hover the mouse over the word "Partnership" at the top Navigation and click on "Channel Partner". Follow the instructions given as you fill in the partnership form.

The portal has different users including but not limited to Super Administrators, Administrators, Manager, Principal, Teacher, Student, Parents, Accountant, Librarian, HR, Receptionist and Store Keeper.

Once logged in as a student for example, you will find learning materials such as pre-recorded lectures and slide show presentations, which are accessible 24-7 through the portal. Students will also find their assignments, upload homework, participate in class discussions and contact their instructors.

In addition, students will have access to the school library's online databases, where they can view study materials, such as the online editions of academic journals and periodicals.

Communication between students and instructors will be done through:

  • Video chats
  • Web conferencing
  • Instant messaging
  • Message boards
  • Discussion forums

Click here to view the demo

Any basic hardware and software requirements which typically include the following:

  • A smart phone, a tablet, laptop computer, or a desktop computer with clear microphone and speaker phone or, external headset with microphone.

  • Internet access

  • Web camera

  • We will provide you with any required software such as word processing, spreadsheet and slide presentation programs for free.

Find and click on the link Channel Partner under Partnership at the top. Follow the instructions as you fill the partnership signup form.

First you will need to sign up for partnership.

Upon successful signup you will receive a video presentation. Take at least 20 minutes and listen to the presentation. You can replay the presentation as many times as you want to fully understand the concept.

On the website under the link Support click on "documentation" to view more support documents.

Now that you are well equipped, start making school registrations by introducing them into the portal. For every successful school registration you will earn a minimum of 5% of the registration fee per student every month for a period of the partnership agreement (minimum 3 months).

Since this is an online platform you control how much you earn.

    - Your first 10 schools will earn you 5%.
    - To earn 10% you will require to register 11+ schools.

An ambassador is the project manager with administrative skills in charge of assigning tasks, tracking progress, training and managing channel partners.
The ambassador is also the main link between channel partners, users and ICT support.

You can become an ambassador through application process. If the application is short listed the management will conduct background checks, intelligence gathering, a brief phone screen, an initial video interview, and other assessments to test your qualifications.

An ambassador must possess the following basic skills;

  • Administration - Oversees online training initiatives.

  • Data Entry - Upload data, new online training content.

  • Project Management - Assign tasks, track progress, and oversees client requests on a regular basis.

  • Tech Troubleshooting - Lias with support team to solve software issues in order to make the most of the system tools.

  • Interpersonal skills - Great team player - Work well with others and make the most of individual strengths.

  • Analytical Skills - Creative reasoning and careful evaluation - Ability to look at the situation from every angle, and then find the best approach.

  • Network With Other Professionals - Other ambassadors may be looking to expand their own skill sets. As such, you can take this opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience.

- By registering schools and institutions.

- By recruiting partners, an ambassador will earn up to 10% of every student's registration from all schools enrolled by his team of partners every month as shown below;

  • 5% when a partner registers 1-10 schools
  • 10% when a partner registers 11+ schools

It is incredibly important for an ambassador to train, equip and support his/her team of partners.
Well equipped partners will result to smart lead generations and successful conversions.

(This is advice to school administration):

Before introducing the system to the parents, as a school you can take the following steps:

  • Enroll into the system through the channel partner in your region. (The list of channel partners is accessible through the link www...).

  • Once enrolled you will receive a welcome email with simple instructions on how to use the portal.

  • Take at least 10 minutes and watch the video demo to familiarize yourself with the usability.

  • Read through the user manuals attached on your welcome email.

  • Now that you are well equipped, add users including administrators, teachers, students and other staff. Our team is ready to help you in the registration process through video chats, live support, message board, email and phone to ensure you do not struggle.

  • Once you have added teachers, let them familiarize with their functionality through the demo and documentation. For more information or other queries our support team is ready to help.

As school you have a plan for the term. The system enables you to operate the school remotely just like in the normal setup.

Same way you have organized your syllabus, prepare teaching schedules and timetable and get ready to start the lessons.

By now the students should already be added to the portal database.

Introduce the students through parents to access the school portal link on their devices and ensure to send their user access details on the invitation.

See a sample invitation below:

    Hello "Student's Name"!

    You are now registered to the school eLearning portal.
    Use the following details to login the "school Name" Portal:

    "Portal Link - www..."
    "User - ..."
    "Pass - ..."

    The Team "school Name" is working on ensuring that learning continues at home using the portal.

    All students will require access to a digital device like a smart phone, a tablet, a laptop or a desktop computer connected to internet.

    Details of the lessons, assignments, assessments, notifications and other learning materials will be communicated at the earliest opportunity.

    Please note that the school will now continue with normal learning schedules and normal exams will be conducted as scheduled.

    Use the above login details to open the portal home and find introduction demo video under "learning materials - learning videos".

    If you have difficulties in accessing the portal you are more than welcome to contact "school Name" team through the following:

    - Mobile ...
    - Email ...

    From the School Principal / Director...

Teachers will now be able to interact with students and parents.
They can start by posting learning materials and revision guide including video lessons.
Expect different responses from parents who are already at a comfort zone.
To ensure that you reach as many children as you can, send assignments and give a time frame for completion, 2 days for example.
This will guide you on who responds to the requirements and you can always try reaching out to the parents. See below sample:

    Dear parent/guardian,

    Learners completed and submitted their assessments/exams successfully. Thank you for the support accorded to the learners.
    This week, learners will do revision with their teachers through virtual lessons.
    All learners should go to the student portal to access their support dates/times and the week's guideline.
    To all parents, please note that support sessions will be done either at an individual level or smaller group levels via zoom. Learners & parents should check the portal regularly for updates.
    If your child has not submitted his/her work, please log into the portal and ensure the work is completed and sent by (date...).
    If you are facing any challenges log into the portal and view the introduction video under "learning materials - introduction".

    Thank you - Online Program Coordinator.

The above is just a sample notification message.
This will ensure close interaction between the teachers, parents and students.
After one or two weeks the school can now invite the parents to an online live video meeting.
By then the school has a feel of the system so are the parents and the students.

First session can include parents with children in Pre-primary 1 & 2.
Second session parents with children in Grades 1, 2 & 3,
Third session parents with children in Grades 4, 5, 6 & 7,
Forth session parents with children in Grade 8.
But this is all up to the school.

Every session can be allocated 1 hour to allow enough time to introduce the portal, how it will help each student, table simple requirements from the parents as means to support and manage the learning process.

During the sessions parents will have a chance to ask questions and table their views as well. The parents will be able to write and send questions on chat accessible live by the modulators in this case (maybe) the CEO, school principle, a teacher and 1 person from ICT section. The questions asked will be viewable by all persons in the meeting.

The modulators will have a chance to show the subscription fair cost implication convenient to support the portal, teachers and the management. See example below.

Pre-Primary 1 & 2 - $10/- per month
Grades 1, 2 & 3 - $20/- per month
Grade 4 - $30/-
Class 5, 6 & 7 - $40/- per month
Class 8 - $50/- per month
Differently abled learners $10.50/- per month

During the sessions the modulators will have a chance to populate a survey form where parents can give feedback by ticking on simple survey answers yes/No/not sure. See example below:

  1. Do you feel that the information you have received during this online meeting is useful to you? (multiple choice)

    Not Sure

  2. Have your questions been answered adequately? (multiple choice)

    no, I would like one session with a representative/principle

  3. Do you have a device (smart phone/tablet/ipad/laptop/desktop computer) at home that your child can use to facilitate their learning on "school Name" e-Learning platform? (multiple choice)


  4. If your child is currently sharing a device with other family members, can you enable the child to use the device during the scheduled lesson times for his/her grade without interruption? (multiple choice)

    not sure

  5. Are you ready to make payments and access the e-Learning platform for your child to allow his/her time during the COVID19 to be used effectively? (multiple choice)

    not sure

  6. Does your child need any mentorship support during this time they are home? (multi choice)

    yes - I will call the upper school head to schedule a one on one meeting with my child
    no - I am able to support my child adequately during this time
    not sure, - I will determine this at a later stage

The above is just but a sample simple method you can use as a school. Of course you have as better understanding of your parents hence the school can formulate the most convenient method.

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